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Project Description
The System.Resources.SqlResource namespace provides classes and interfaces that allow developers to create, store, and manage, in SQL Server (2000-2005),
various culture-specific resources used in an web application. Support caching with auto-refresh.

Here sample database:

Actual Release:
  • Review all code
  • Add Prj Win Application

Actual Release:
  • Rename IGetData -> ISqlResourceGetData.cs
  • Delete Property file
  • Create new project for ISqlResourceGetData
  • Create new project for SqlResourceGetDataSQL2000
  • Create new project for SqlResourceGetDataSQL2005
  • Improved configuration MngClassSqlServer

Actual Release:
  • Add SqlResourceManager
  • Improvement Deserialize Object. Now object value is insert in cache deserialize.

Actual Release:
  • Add SqlResourceWriter
  • Split sample database from code
  • Update database and script SQL
  • Convert column TEXT->NTEXT and VARCAHR(MAX)->NVARCAHR(MAX) (SQL Server 2005).

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